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Monique Péan and her gorgeous SS 12 jewelry collection.   

"The collection is all inspired by my recent travels to Peru, and I learned all about Peruvian opalina and opal," said Péan,  "This is the Peruvian opal, and this is the Peruvian opalina - these really deep, electric blue colors.  All the pieces that we make are eco friendly and sustainable, so we use all recycled gold and all artisinally mined materials as well as conflict and devastation-free diamonds and our main materials are fossilized wolly mammoth and the fossilized walrus ivory." 

Gesturing to her wrist, “So this is all fossilized woolly mammoth that has fossilized jet inlay, and you can see some scrimshaw work as well, where artisans have hand-etched into the wolly mammoth, and then vintage ebony wood from an old furniture mill, and sustainable pearls.” 

  • 2 October 2011
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